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LOGO created, an electric life

18 years focus on home appliance electrical appliance development, global appliance giant long term motor supplier

Personalized motor customization

Personalied design based on your requilrement
  • 2000 R & D center, more than 100 top R & D engineers, to ensure the success of the motor program.
  • 18 years, accumulating large data for motor applications in various industries, making you customize motors faster and better.
  • Use Soliworks/Ansys to design motor models faster and better.

Efficient production of intelligence

Efficient automated production
  • 72000 production base is located in Fenggang, Dongguan, Guangdong
  • 45 automatic production lines with 30 million electric machines

Technological innovation

Technological innovation
  • Traditional electrical appliances series continuously improve technology to meet customized needs.
  • With annual sales of 5%, we invest in new home appliance motor research and development, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance
  • Man machine material method comprehensively coordinated, eliminate unqualified factors into production link.
  • Intelligent management of equipment to ensure zero defect manufacturing
  • The production rate is up to PPM130 and is continuously upgraded.

About LOGO

World top 100 enterprise motor solutions expert
Shenzhen XXX Motor Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It is a national high and new technology enterprise for the development, production and sale of small and medium motor motor and micro motor. It is the manufacturer of micro electric motor for 18 years. The motor research and development center of 2000 is located in the Shenzhen Bay science and technology ecological park, with more than 100 top R & D engineers, equipped with the world's advanced design and development tools, equipped with the world's first class testing instruments and motor performance testing equipment, and has obtained nearly 120 patents on motor technology. The production base of 72000 is located in Fenggang, Dongguan. It introduces 45 automatic...

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